From my desk(top) to yours!

Why we created our services….

Way back in early 2013 as I spent some time getting to know bitcoin and the potential impacts of the block chain technology behind it, I finally came down with “bitcoin fever” and wanted to get my hands on some as quickly as possible. There were a few online exchanges around that would sell you bitcoin but only after verifying your account (taking upto 2 weeks in some cases) and then waiting for you to wire transfer money to their accounts (another week or so wait) before you could finally purchase your bitcoin. There were also online forums and sites where I could either deposit money in some random person’s account and hope for them to release the bitcoins, or go to meet this same fore-mentioned random person in a random coffee shop / subway / mall / store (you get the picture) and hope I wouldn’t be robbed! Needless to say I quickly realized that having a safe, go-to place for instant bitcoin purchases was a must if the great potential of this new technology were to be realized and started thinking about how to go about solving this problem.

By summer of 2013 I was already heavily trading bitcoin myself and kept coming up with various ideas that would realize my dream of starting a bitcoin technology company that solved not only existing problems, but was proactive in finding new ways to capitalize on this technology’s capabilities. I had by this point already grown multiple businesses (some of which are still in operation today) and had no problem with jumping into a new one as I already had the experience of being able to envision, plan, implement and execute on my visions. My problem was creating one in this new industry that was both innovative, market defining, need filling and at the same time operating outside of the legal greyzone that some other bitcoin companies were doing business in.

That summer I started networking with various individuals in and outside the bitcoin industry.  These discussions led me to evolve some abstract ideas that were running through my mind into a solid plan. Why not create a money service business that catered to customers for bitcoin buy and sell services in a retail format? A place where both new users and veterans alike could go to purchase and sell their bitcoins that was both easily accessible and safe. After looking at the logistics of opening our own brand of stores (which we are still considering), I reached out to a few business associates from my previous ventures and decided to start developing a comprehensive AML and KYC program that would allow us to operate legally in our jurisdiction and allow us to create Agents who would provide bitcoin services for us.

After creating this compliance program, the next step was to find possible agent stores and see if there was any interest in offering these services…. and there was! After figuring out the details, it was technology development time and I got my resources together to develop the system that you see in operation today. We already have other Agents ready to go and will be launching across Canada shortly.  Our Greater Toronto Area stores will be just the start of our offerings in a test phase to make sure our systems and Agent experience is one that will leave our clients impressed and looking forward to more. Not only will we provide retail buy & sell services, but we will also provide innovative and secure online services.  We are also working hard in implementing new, and never before seen bitcoin technology based services as well.

After almost a year in development, we are finally excited to be launching and hope to gain your trust and support as we continue to work hard to bring our services to you.  So without further delay, I introduce to you SecuraCoin, a service dedicated to bringing bitcoin to your neighbourhood!

Thanks for your support!

Ageesen Sri
Executive Officer

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