Transaction Fees

Our transaction fees are much more competitive than other “instant” buy and sell services and will, overtime, become more cost effective as we improve our fiat currency to bitcoin conversion services. The current high cost of compliance and external financial transfer and operation costs do not allow us to be as effective as other online based exchange systems, but this is offset by the convenience and speed of our services, as well as the ability to offer multiple digital currency services all under one roof, in your local neighbourhood. Please note, a minimum of $5.00 or transaction fee (whichever is greater) applies to all retail digital currency services (outside of Use Bitcoin / payment processing).


BUY BITCOIN - Current Fees = 3.99%
Buy Bitcoin instantly from any of our Agents and pay by cash or debit.

SELL BITCOIN - Current Fees = 5.99%
Sell Bitcoin instantly for cash to any of our MSB Agents.

BITZIPP - Current Fees = 3.99%
Let our Agents BitZipp Bitcoin on your behalf to any E-Mail Address or SMS Number worldwide and pay by cash or debit.

USE BITCOIN - Current Fees = 0%
Use Bitcoin as a form of payment for any of our Agent/Merchant services or products.