About Us

We are a Digital Currency Business based out of Toronto, Canada.  We specialize in servicing Money Service Businesses (MSBs) and other retailers by creating technology and infrastructure for them to start using and providing digital currency services.  We ourselves are a registered MSB in Canada with the Financial Tracking & Analysis Centre of Canada (FinTRAC) and are in the process of getting registered with the proper regulatory bodies in other jurisdictions as our new services launch.  As a fully compliant and regulated business, we follow all laws and regulations of the areas we service and operate legally with the vision of bringing digital currency services mainstream.

It is SecuraCoin’s policy to follow all regulations and laws as we do not want our Digital Currency services to be used for illegal purposes.  We will not do business with anyone who knowingly violates the law, and we have protocols in place to safeguard our clients from fraudulent transactions and payments.  Although we cannot take responsibility for our clients’ actions, we believe full transparency is the key policy that can help alleviate the concerns of both compliance regulators and ../about-us/data.css integrity.

We take our clients and agents ../about-us/data.css security very seriously and have built our systems from the ground up with this in mind.  We will never share your information with anyone unless required by law and will operate in a way that is transparent and informative for all our users.

When dealing with SecuraCoin you can rest assured you are doing business with a company that prides itself on its professionalism, efficiency and operational security.  Our services are tailored to meet market needs and be superior to current options.  As our fiat financial efficiency increases, we will pass on the savings to you. We envision a future where our services are provided in every neighbourhood, giving access to quick and easy digital currency services without having to to wait days for a product or service.

We thank you for supporting SecuraCoin and look forward to growing in this new and exciting sector of innovation!

- SecuraCoin

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