Online Services

SecuraCoin’s online services allow end user clients to buy & sell bitcoin from the comfort of their own home. With multiple forms of fiat currency deposit and withdrawal options, as well as the use of military-grade security protocols, SecuraCoin will be at the forefront of online trading options with their high level of customer service and client satisfaction.

We make it easy for new users to get themselves acquainted with our online system and buy and sell within minutes of getting their accounts funded. There is no need for advanced knowledge of bitcoin or trade order books, and our system makes it easy to move bitcoins in and out your online SecuraCoin wallet.

Our online services also integrate with our e-commerce and retail payment processing services and make it easy and secure for our merchants to cash out their funds when and how they want. We will also be shortly offering new never before seen online services and are excited to be bringing our services to market!

Retail Services


Our online system security protocols are some of the best on the market, and our security technology partner allows us to operate with our systems in a manner which makes sure customer funds are always safe and secure. Our policy to keep 95% of client funds in offline cold storage wallets allows us to give our clients the peace of mind they deserve; and we are always upgrading and surveying our systems for new ways to make the system easier to use, but maintain the high level security that is required in this day of cyber security.

Retail Services


Our initial currency pair offering will be between Canadian (CAD) and bitcoin (BTC), but we will also be shortly offering United States Dollar (USD) and BTC pairs as well. As we expand into other jurisdictions, our clients will be able to transfer back and forth to multiple currencies and cash out to the fund type of their choosing quickly and cost effectively!

Retail Services