To become a SecuraCoin Agent, you must operate (or plan to operate) a retail based business that will adhere to all local AML (Anti-Money Laundering) & KYC (Know-Your-Customer) rules & regulations.

We have two different levels of Agents: Money Service Business (MSB) Agents & Retail Service Business (RSB) Agents.

MSB Agents will be able to provide un-capped Buy, Sell, BitZipp and Accept Bitcoin services (and others as they become available) and will be trained to the highest level of AML/KYC Compliance. MSB Agents will be typically those operating in the Cheque Cashing, Foreign Exchange, Jewellery, Remittance, PayDay Loans, Accounting and Financial Services industries.

RSB Agents will be able to provide upto $250.00 per transaction of Bitcoin Buy and BitZipp services as well as Accept Bitcoin as a form of payment for their other services and products. RSB Agents will also be trained in basic AML/KYC procedures. RSB Agents will range from a wide variety of retail industries including Printing Shops, Convenience Stores, Computer/IT Stores and more.

SecuraCoin takes on the cost of training our Agents as well as offer introductory marketing material for you to get started. Our training programs are innovative and comprehensive, yet are easy to understand and implement. By becoming a SecuraCoin agent, you will have access to the latest emerging technologies in this industry as well as be in a position to greatly benefit both your existing business, and garner new income from our services!

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